Using OPOC’s online control centre, project managers can set up complex projects
and involve multiple contributors, including field agents such as maintenance contractors or shop fitters.


• Create bespoke requests for information (RFIs) and control which field agents see them

• Obtain real-time progress updates from field agents

• Monitor overall progress across multiple locations

• Report and analyse data upon project completion

• F​lag Issues & create automatic notifications

• Send intelligent reports instantly to your managers or customer


Set up projects

To create a new project, you can use the tools in
OPOC’s Online Control Centre - or simply upload a spreadsheet.
You can then control every aspect of the project, including assigning
tasks to field agents (contractors or service providers);
and setting target dates and times for completion.

Set up projects
Work with field agents and subcontractors

When a project is ready to launch, OPOC's dashboard allows you
to link relevant jobs to your network of field agents, companies and subcontractors, choosing which parties are best for each task. Plus, all users
and contributors can be organised in tiers, so a field agent or company could choose to add a secondary tier of agents or subcontractors.

Work with field agents and subcontractors

Bespoke requests for information (RFIs) can be created for different
field agents, all within the same project, to obtain progress updates
or proof of completion. You can also use the message function
to communicate with single agents or whole groups,
notifying them of changes or updates to a project.

Use the app

Field agents can use the OPOC mobile app to respond to RFIs
and messages, and can provide additional data. If any challenges or
other issues arise, these are highlighted, so you can view the details
and respond accordingly. These activities are then reflected
in your central control centre.

Use the app
Monitor performance

OPOC’s jobs section clearly displays vital project details in real-time,
such as which jobs are with which field agents; and which field agents are
following the agreed schedule. Constant updates help you maintain control, without even having to refresh your browser window.

Monitor performance
Review locations

OPOC’s locations section shows all tasks on a map,
so you can clearly see the full scope of activity.
This intelligent, interactive tool uses coloured icons
to indicate the progress of each task.

Review locations
Dynamic reports

OPOC has many report functions, which allow you to generate and export 
tailored reports to monitor the performance of each project, 
specific task or individual field agent. Unique to OPOC is the dynamic report module, which allows one click email reports to managers, directors or customers with up-to the minute live information.

Dynamic reports
Bespoke dashboard

When you log into OPOC, you are presented with the Control centre dashboard. This area has been developed overtime with our customers to display only the critical information needed. Bespoke dashboards are available as an option, so you only see the information you need, removing the clutter and unimportant details.


Bespoke dashboard
Store completed projects

You can use OPOC’s archive to store completed projects, in case you want to look back at them at a later date. You can also duplicate past projects as a template for new projects.

Store completed projects

On the occasion when an issue is raised. The OPOC system allows the admin user to quickly convert that issue into another live job and assign it to another field agent or contractor. The new re-visit job is still linked with the original job to enable clear tracking of the entire project to completion.

Discover the OPOC mobile app
In more detail...

Your OPOC network is managed through individual user licences known as network tokens. When you start to use OPOC,
we give you a single user network token to get going. Adding more users is a simple process and enables you to quickly grow
the size of your network, simply purchase additional network tokens for each additional user.

Our straight forward pricing structure makes it easy to purchase additional network tokens for new users at any time:


The examples below illustrate how easily your network can grow in size and how quickly an issue is flagged and a re-visit is actioned.

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