Subcontractors and service providers can use the OPOC app to guide them through a project,

viewing their allocated jobs and responding to requests for information (RFIs) from the control centre.


 They can also receive notifications and messages about changes to a project, making sure that all parties are up to date.

This improves the overall consistency of project performance and reduces human error.


Subcontractors can receive multiple jobs from multiple control centres all into one mobile application. This allows a subcontractor to better manage their time and maximise efficiencies



See projects

Once a job assigned from the control centre,
field agents can use the OPOC mobile app to see
their projects and a list of requests for information
(RFIs) within each one. Each field agent can then
choose to accept, decline or propose an
alternative date and time for each project.

See projects
Organise jobs

The app's jobs section allows field agents to
review their jobs and RFIs before starting work.
They can also organise tasks into an order which
suits them - for example, by area or type.

Organise jobs
View job locations

The locations section gives field agents an overall view
of the scale of a project, revealing the location
of all their assigned tasks. This can help them decide
which to tackle first and also get clear directions.

View job locations
Respond to requests for information

As a project progresses, field agents can use the app
to respond to RFIs issued from the control centre -
which are labelled mandatory or non-mandatory. These
requests may include photos, videos or signatures; and
can be organised by date and time (with toggle switches).

Respond to requests for information
Provide updates

Through the OPOC mobile app, field agents can
create issue logs, which are immediately highlighted
within OPOC’s control centre - allowing the project
manager to respond accordingly. Text, images and
video can be included within each issue.

Provide updates
Access additional information

The scrapbook library within the app stores useful project
information – for example, Risk assessments, Health & Safety
documents, in-depth instructions for individual jobs,
or visuals showing design specifications.

Access additional information



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