Retailers & Brands

Nationwide brands often require a widespread installation of a new point-of-sale campaign, or a particular branding display. 
OPOC provides a quick way to confirm that installation has successfully taken place at multiple outlets. It also provides piece of mind if an issue develops, you are notified instantly allowing quick response to rectify the problem.



Installation companies

Key to a successful installation is the ability to track and monitor the performance of the project. It’s not unusual that large projects are rolled out with short notice, which require more resources than you have available. OPOC has the ability to allow projects or part of a project to be subcontracted to other companies many times, and still maintain the ability of tracking the process throughout the journey to completion.



Building contractors

Managing the activities of sub-contractors such as electricians, roofers and plumbers can be extremely complex. With OPOC, you can obtain updates in a consistent format, from challenges to solve, to eventual completion and approval.



Facility managers

Maintenance companies servicing multiple offices can easily provide inspection reports or progress updates via OPOC. It has the ability to hold building layouts, risk assessments or Health and Safety documents inside the Scrapbook library, so you can ensure people out on site have everything they need without carrying bundles of paper around.



Exhibition contractors

You’ve created and built the perfect exhibition for your client and it’s now being shipped across the country. As it’s being built you can monitor the build process and also provide seamless information to your customer showing the progress to completion.



Fleet maintenance

Create quick and simple check lists for one or many vehicles. With OPOC’s simple to use interface you can create a quick check list which are made to be mandatory, giving you piece of mind your vehicles, wherever they are, are being checked for roadworthiness. 



Despatch & proof of delivery

A handy little solution inside OPOC, is the POD delivery module. Take photos or video of a parcel, pallet or container before it leaves your premises. When it arrives at it’s destination anyone with a smartphone can log-in to OPOC and see how the item left, and then take photos or video of how it arrived before signing off the delivery.




How does OPOC work?

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